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A stand design for the company Spectrum. The design is based on the shapes and materials they use in their products.

Maquette Spectrum

An installation about the positions we take in personal and public spaces.

Personal & Public Spaces

The Spermwhale

A shapestudy about the spermwhale that created a hyperrealistic model.

The design of a sofa based on the Rietveld chair.

The Rietveld Sofa

A study on overlaps and colours based on a set of rules i made for myself.



This installation represents the search for interaction. It is about the control the artist takes over the shape of the installation and the control that you can assume by gettingto know and understand it.

A hand i shaped out of foam.


A photoshoot of the touch between my hand and a hand I shaped out of clay.

Cold Hands


A short movie about a bird that tries to protects its nest from itself. I made this video in the beginning of the quarantine as a metaphor about the situation i was dealing with.

An experiment into the effect of overlaps in hard and soft.


The moment we hear a sound, we automatically visualize it. But what happens if the image tempts you to hear it differently.

Visual Sound

Structure change

A change in the structure and temprature by working with light and slowmotion.