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A study on overlaps and colours based on a set of rules i made for myself.


The process

For this installation, I set myself a challenging rule: only the primary colors were allowed to serve as the basis. Using light and mirrors, I created a dynamic interplay of overlapping colors, while exploring the boundaries and possibilities.

Voor deze installatie ben ik begonnen met de regel dat ik enkel de primaire kleuren mocht gebruiken.
Door met spiegels en licht deze kleuren te overlappen begon ik te spelen met de verschillende mogelijkheden.

As I started experimenting more with motion, I noticed the emergence of a more three-dimensional form. The variations in overlaps caused the image to move in different directions. By animating in various directions, diverse three-dimensional shapes were created.

I constructed the light installation at a suitable location using the techniques previously applied. I experimented extensively with the various positions of the mirrors and projections to achieve smooth overlaps and shadows. The result was an installation that was visually impressive and interactively engaging.


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