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An installation about the positions we take in personal and public spaces.

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An experiment into the effect of overlaps in hard and soft.

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-03 144953.png
Schermafbeelding 2021-02-03 145124.png

For this installation, I conducted research on how individuals behave within personal versus public spaces. The research revealed that people tend to adapt their behavior in public spaces due to a sense of being observed or judged. Building on this insight, I filmed myself in a public setting. I filmed in a manner where I would disappear when the camera focused on the public space, only to reappear prominently when the public space faded into the background. In this way, I aimed to blend into the crowd and reemerge as the focus shifted to the individual.

Following this, I filmed myself facing forward against a black backdrop, symbolizing the personal space where attention was directed towards me, and I allowed myself to be seen.

In both videos, I synchronized the timing of focusing and blurring so that they could be played simultaneously in opposition to each other. Between these two videos, I inserted a pane of glass coated with mirrored film, creating an overlap.

When viewed from the public side, only the public space is apparent, obscuring the personal space. However, when viewed from the personal side, the personal space overlaps with the public space, revealing my face within the public setting as well. This setup also serves as a commentary on the idea that true understanding of someone often requires personal connection.

On the other side of the mirrored glass pane, I positioned lamps that illuminate one side at a time, alternating automatically to ensure that one side is always in the light. Due to the mirrored film, you can only see from the dark side to the light side, while from the light side, you are confronted with your own reflection. This setup symbolizes once again the personal and public aspects.

On the illuminated side, you are being observed, leading to increased self-awareness and altered behavior, representing the public aspect. Confronted with your own reflection, you become even more self-conscious.

When you stand in the darkness, you look from the personal side where you feel no pressure as you remain unobserved.  Instead, you observe the other person on the public side, positioning yourself as a spectator and becoming aware of your role in shaping others' comfort levels.

This arrangement allows you to directly experience the sentiment and purpose of my installation.

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